About Whiz Whammer

My Story

I was born in the garden of England, Kent in the late 1950’s, and from an early age I knew about the countryside and living on the edge of a city, London. Later in my teens, my Family moved to Ireland, and we lived further into the countryside, quiet a shock, but adored the rural farming life and made some very good friends, which I still know today. This first adventure opened my eyes of a catholic Irish culture, the poetic language of writers, stout and live music in village saloons. In the year of the Falkland war we returned to England, and chose West Sussex to settle into. My mind was full to the brim with my experiences and story, and have continued writing for decades. I want people to hear my voice, louder than before, welcome to Whiz Whammer

Personal Life

In West Sussex, I gradually settled down to the 9 to 5 routine, secure a series of dead end jobs in finance. My heart was always elsewhere. Now, I am happily married we have a big black Labrador to share walks with. But, my resolute companion through thick and thin, is my writing. I am strong influenced by social issues, past and present, life’s troubles, and unfulfilled dreams. My life’s dream is to become a recognised lyricist and poet, before the candle burns out.